Take Action Vote in Mid-Term Elections

VFW - 10/11/2018

Midterm elections will be held on Nov. 6 and the VFW encourages all its members and supporters to get involved. Improving veterans and military quality of life programs must be a priority for all members of Congress. With continued threat of sequestration, deficit reduction, and budget cuts that affect veterans, the military, and their families, it is important to support members of Congress who support us.
Take Action: These are a few ways you can get involved: 
  • Register to vote and encourage others to register.
  • Set up or volunteer at voter registration drives.
  • Host or attend town hall meetings or candidate forums; bring up VFW priorities.
  • Help the elderly and disabled get to the voting booth on Election Day.
  • Vote on Nov. 6.

Important resources:
Voter registration information: www.eac.gov
Voter assistance for military and their families: www.fvap.gov 
VFW Priority Goals: www.vfw.org/LegislativePriorities 
VFW Veterans Vote brochure .