Randi K Law - 9/30/2018

The new look will be spearheaded by the deployment of a new, modern and simplified VFW logo designed to better convey who we are as an organization, and allow us to stand out in an increasingly competitive media market. In short, this new logo will strengthen the VFW brand, reaffirming our position as America’s greatest veterans service organization and allow us to better connect with new audiences. See the historical evolution of the VFW logo.


For clarification, the Cross of Malta will always remain the official seal of the VFW. We are not leaving the Cross behind, but rather elevating the importance of the Cross by limiting its usage to instances in which it can be fully reproduced, and instances which require formal representation of our brand. The Cross represents the highest ideals of the organization and should be afforded a degree of reverence when it is displayed.


In an effort to make this transition as seamless as possible for you to implement, we have taken great care to develop:


1. A download package which includes all approved versions of the VFW logo in various file formats.

Download the VFW logo package here.

2. A comprehensive style guide detailing proper logo usage. (Attached.) Please review the style guide completely and thoroughly.


3. A custom logo for each Department and Post using a standardized format. Please adopt and utilize these logos to identify your Department or Post as appropriate.

- See Section 3 of the style guide for instructions on downloading your custom logo.


We understand many of you have expended resources over the years to obtain merchandise and material displaying the current VFW logo. We are sensitive to this, and therefore, it is acceptable should you choose to exhaust your current inventory of VFW-branded print materials and continue to use VFW-branded merchandise until it is time to reorder or until the year January 1, 2021.


Please note:


1. All future orders of VFW-branded collateral will display the new logo. The VFW Store will begin expanding merchandise offerings which display the new logo while limiting options displaying the Cross of Malta, however, all offerings in this year’s Store catalog which display the Cross will be honored.


2. For those of you using the Website Solution Program platform, the logo update will occur automatically on November 6.


Exciting times are ahead for our great organization, and we truly appreciate your every effort to implement the new logo on, but not before November 6.


Please feel free to direct any questions to


Thank you,



Randi K Law

 Communications & Public Affairs

VFW National Headquarters

406 W. 34th St.,

Kansas City, MO 64111